Tuesday, 3 October 2017


This has been a really interesting couple of weeks at WESC meeting new staff, volunteers and students. I have been really enthused by the skills and new ideas people are sharing. 

I would like to introduce our new volunteers...

Matthew, who is considering working within horticulture. 

Helen, a keen gardener.

And Ed, an experienced gardener at Knightshayes.

They are all dedicating half a day, once Week to help develop our WESC gardening project. I am really looking forward to getting their ideas and input on  future plans.

To start with Matthew got stuck in weeding the polytunnel.

Next we collected the last of the apples from the school site. 

The plan is to take them to a community juicing event this weekend for our students to enjoy.

Helen did a great job clearing through the pots labelling, organising and storing bulbs. We reuse the old compost as soil conditioner in the raised beds. All the pots are stored by size for washing (sterilising) at a later date.

Potted on some Buddleia Davidii seedlings, to be planted out in our woodland garden in the spring.

Ed, focused on clearing back the brambles around the apple trees. 

The plan is to give them a formative prune this year (to improve cropping and start to create the correct goblet shape). When the leaves have dropped we will lift a couple of the young ones and replant in a more accessible and sunny spot.

The Bees are settling in fine. Geoff has been to visit, they have re-orientated and are coming and going as expected.

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