Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Potatoes in bags

This week Nathan did a great job getting hands on. And I can announce the winner of the WESC sunflower growing competition.... wait for it...

This year nathan planted main crop potatoes in a bag. To start with we chitted seed potatoes in cool light place to encourage the tuber to sprout.

Then we planted a third deep in the bag. The reason for planting in a bag is to make it easier for us to lift at waist height. Also you reduce the potential damage to the potato when lifting as you can use your hands.

This year was a bit of an experiment that we can safely say was a success so I think next year Nathan will be doing a couple more bags.

Also, we lifted the last of our onions which Nathan also planted.

Finally a big congratulations to Tim who won the Sunflower growing competition.

His prize is to deliver a masterclass on giant sunflower growing and share with the students his secrets to propagation and how best to sow seed to ensure success!!

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