Thursday, 21 September 2017

New Path

More good news... The path into the Wesc gardening area has been successfully completed! 

This has been a big project starting with our sponsor Open Work Foundation who put forward our gardening project for funding for the first phase of development.

We started off by clearing the area. 

Lifted the slabs from the old path.

Marked out and dug the path lines, added layers of hardcore, compacted and leveled it.

Then a landscape fabric is laid and finally the rubberised material is poured. 

We have run the path from the vegetable raised beds through the wild flower meadow in to the centre of the polytunnel area, accessing the greenhouse both polytunnels, raised bed and sheds.

Finally, John finished it off by opening up the railings.

The material we have chosen is made out of recycled tyres which is shredded to look like bark chippings, coloured then mixed a with a bonding agent.

The benefits are, you do not have to do extensive groundwork so there is minimal root disturbance, the material is flexible and will move if necessary, it is easy to maintain, minimal weeding is required and it is a smooth surface for people who use wheelchairs. They also provide a 15 year guarantee, value for money!

I would like to say a big thank you to Darren and his team from Rhino Play Limited they went beyond the call of duty and did an amazing job!

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