Thursday, 12 October 2017

Leaves and Wildflowers


This week with Matthew's help, we have been tackling the large amount of leaves falling especially as we are in the process of preparing the wildflower meadow for more sowing.

We are composting all leaves collected.We have two piles one shredded for leaf mulch and another unshredded for the hedgehogs, other wildlife and mini beasts.

We have started preparing the wildflower meadow, scarifying and raking it. For more seed sowing later this month.

Also, we took the opportunity to do a much needed job and strip back the Torbay Palm (Cordyline Australis) taking out a damaged trunk.

We are continuing to harvest the last of the vegetables. 

And starting the much needed job of clearing the beds in preparation for planting and sowing.

Finally, we are collecting seed, sunflowers are great for this purpose.

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