Thursday, 13 July 2017

Raspberries and window boxes

This week has been lots of fun. 

We have had Molly from Queen Elizabeth's in Crediton helping out. Planting giant sunflowers that we have grown from seed with Gabbys class.

Molly also planted out Zinnias and cosmos grown from seed, we have added them to the wild herb bed to add some extra colour.

Also, Chloe has been helping out in the polytunnels staking up the chilli plants.

And Louie has had success with his first cucumber, he decided to pick it and donate it to the kitchen.

We have had our first crop of Raspberries, Jordan helped Martin pick them and they will make a lovely raspberry trifle.

Caroline's class finished making and painting the window boxes. Collected the plants that they have grown to take home with them. Jago said it will make a great gift for his Mum.


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