Thursday, 20 July 2017

Delivering Flowers

This week as we are coming to the end of another successful project. We had a variety of tasks to complete with the help of Exeter college students. 

Exeter College collected the last of the summer bedding plants from West Hill and delivered them to the WESC shop in Heavitree.

They got the opportunity to meet staff and volunteers and learn a bit more about WESC and how the plants they helped grow helps to raise funds for the charity.  

Also, after the kitchen had made good use of our first crop of Spinach and Kale, we cleared the Brassicas bed ready to plant more Kale, Chard and Cabbage.

We took the opportunity to learn a bit about row spacing and the importance of planning your planting. 

After planting and watering, we mulched around the plants to improve water retention in the soil and reduce weeding (fingers crossed!) 

Job Done.

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