Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Edible Nasturtiums


This week with Penny's group we completed a couple of projects, the first one involved potting on the Zinnia's that we have grown from seed with Matt's group. 

We prepared the multi purpose compost adding perlite and mixing thoroughly.

We lifted the young plant from the 7.5 cm pot and placed into a 9cm pot, carefully topping the pot up with compost.

Making sure to maintain the original planting depth.

The next job was pricking out the Nasturtium seedlings that Gabby's group planted. We soaked the seeds before sowing and they have germinated incredibly quickly!

After preparing the compost and perlite we half filled the 7.5cm pots.

Then we lifted the Young Seedlings, trying not to damage the root systems (luckily Nasturtiums are very hardy!)

Placed into the pot and over filled with compost.

And gave them a good watering to settle the roots. The plan is to plant the Nasturtiums in our ornamental kitchen garden as the flowers are edible and can be added to salads.

One other job that was vital last week was watering, everyone on site pitched in helping to keep our plants happy and healthy in the hot weather.

 Thank you to everyone for their help!

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