Thursday, 6 July 2017

Busy Week At WESC

This week we had two groups volunteering at WESC. One group from Devon County Council and a second from Exeter college positive pathways. 

The first project involved finishing the ornamental Kitchen Garden for Adult Day Services. Previously Exeter College helped to clear the bed in preparation for re-planting.

Devon CC volunteers took on the job of laying landscape fabric and filling with a combination of organic mulch, compost and top soil. 

Once finished we raked in some fertiliser and removed any debris, ready for planting.

With Exeter College we planned the planting layout working in three triangles. One for Runner Beans Pinstripe. We decided to go for an inverse wigwam. This will encourage the Runner Beans to climb up and then fall over the top making picking them easier

The second triangle combined Butternut Squash, Hubbard Squash and Courgettes. We intercropped with salads, Mizuna Lettuces, Little Gems and Romaine. 

The third triangle combined Tomatoes Gardener's Delight with Basil and Curly Parsley. Planted in 3's.

After watering we mulched with a thick layer of organic mulch to reduce water loss and discourage weeds.

We were able to fix the original pond pump, to create the sound of gentle bubbling water, adding another sensory experience for our students.

Now we just need to decide what flowers to add... 

Definitely a job for Shelley's group!!

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