Thursday, 21 September 2017

Wesc Bees

Good news... we are all set and ready for our first hive of honey bees. 

This summer I have been with Exeter Beekeeping Association completing a basic beekeeping course. 

As part of the course I have been working with my Mentor Geoff, what he doesn't know about bees is not worth knowing. 

We have learnt how to build frames, and use a smoker as well as how to handle the bees.

For the last so many months Geoff has been looking after our Queen at the Exeter Apiary on Honey lane and making sure we will have a happy and healthy hive.

At Wesc we have cleared an area in the woodland garden away from the school site and polytunnels.

 Put up a stand, bark chipped, crown lifted some of the lower branches to increase the sunlight and fenced of with rope.

I visited again last week and the Hive was well stocked, the brood was evenly formed from the centre out, and a healthy colour right across the foundation.

 Geoff has assured me that they are well fed and stocked. Activity wise they are starting to slow down  for winter, which is perfect when relocating. So fingers crossed we should be harvesting our first batch of Wesc honey in the new year.

I would just like to say a big thank you to everybody at Exeter Beekeeping Association in making this possible. 

NB: I would like to organise a presentation and Q&A for all staff/ interested parties. I have spoken to Basil from the EBKA and he would happily do this. Fingers crossed this will be next month.

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