Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Bearing Fruit

This time of year we are really benefiting from the fruits of our labour, everything in the raised beds and polytunnels are growing great guns!

The kitchen have been making good use of the vegetables, fruit and herbs. 

 Chillies are looking good and surprisingly hot!

Tomatoes are cropping really well if a little slow to ripen. The Basil is really tasty.

The Cucumbers, Squash and Courgettes are going strong.

The Salads and Onions are good, definitely benefiting from better spacing.

In the greenhouse the Aubergines and Watermelons are flowering a little later.

The Sweetcorn, Potatoes, Brassicas, Squashes and Runner Beans are producing loads for shelley's group to cook with.

The raised bed we repurposed is really taking off especially the Nasturtiums and Cosmos.

And the sunflowers loving the weather!!

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