Monday, 14 August 2017

Summer Holiday part two

Devon County Council managers lent a hand on site with a couple of projects in the Horticulture area.

The main project was to help transform our wildlife pond into a bog garden. 

This involved piercing the liner and slowly draining it. This was done over a week to allow the wildlife to relocate. First we added gravel for drainage.Then alternate layers of organic mulch, compost and topsoil.

Next we planted it out. The main focal point was the Gunnera Manicata and Acanthus Mollis. Then we interplanted with Iris sibirica and Ligularia.

 Also we planted out a border on the edge of the old pond area and planted with Epimedium, Acorus and Hostas which are typically more suited to dry shade. All using plants either grown by students (from seed, division or cuttings) or donated by friends of the project!

And bark chipped the whole area.

Finally, in the woodland area we put in a traditional rope fence for the bee hives.

It was a great day and everybody really got involved thank you DCC!

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