Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Sowing Sunflowers

Last week at WESC we planted sun flower seeds.

This year we are sowing two different types. Dwarf sunflower seeds which we will plant up and display in wooden boxes that our learners have helped build and decorate as part of design and technology. 

And Gigantic Yellows which we will plant out on site as part of a WESC sunflower growing competition. 

First we prepared the multi purpose compost removing all large lumps and filled small pots to the top. 

Then we carefully pressed one seed into the top of the compost and tapped the pot to cover the seed. 

Gently firming the compost.Watered, labelled each pot and placed under a cloche in the conservatory

We also checked and measured the growth of our courgettes. And watered the plug plants that we potted on last week.

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