Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Planting Courgette Seeds

This week we planted courgette seeds in 7 cm pots

First we combined compost with perlite roughly 3 parts compost to 1 part perlite. using a pot to scoop the planting mediums.

We then gently firmed the compost be careful not to compact it.

Then we sowed the courgette seed vertically into a hole approx 2.5 cm deep, and covered.

Finally we labelled our pots and put to soak in a water bath.

Before finishing we checked on the growth of our plug plants that we potted on last week, and gave them a good water.

This week we also potted on our dahlia cuttings and continued watering.

We potted on our Dill seeds and moved them into the greenhouse.

 Finally we potted on our geranium palmatums that we had grown from seedlings.

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