Tuesday, 9 May 2017

A frames for Runner beans

This week in preparation for planting out our runner beans we built the A frame to grow them up.

First we weeded the raised bed using a hand rack.

Then broke up any lumps with our hands and removed any stones.

We then placed the bamboo canes in the soil, working from one end to the other.

We then firmed in the soil around the base with our fists, and tied at the tops.

Once all the A frames were in place we linked them with a horizontal bamboo cane.

Job done!

 We will continue to harden off the young runner bean plants and fingers crossed plant out next week.

This week we also planted Sweetcorn seeds into deep trays of multipurpose compost, and pricked out our Cosmos seedlings.

And finally we planted our potatoes that we had been chitting into a bag a third filled with compost adding fertilizer.

Covered with compost and watered thoroughly.

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