Monday, 6 November 2017

Strawberry Plants and Sunflower Seeds

Last week with Penny and Shelley’s groups we divided and potted on the strawberry plants in preparation for next year. The strawberry hanging baskets proved very popular this year as they enticed people into the poly tunnels in their lunch breaks to do a bit of watering while picking the odd strawberry.

First we removed the old strawberry plants from the baskets 

Separated the runners and soaked the roots.

Holding the Strawberry plant we carefully backfilled around the roots with a combination of perlite and multi purpose compost into 9cm pots.

We then watered and placed them in the green house in preparation for the new year.

Finally,we have been collecting seeds for next year the sunflowers have been the most popular as you get so many from each flower head. We will have to use some for bird food in the woodland garden.

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