Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Runner Beans in Toilet Rolls

At WESC this summer we will be growing four different varieties of Runner Beans (Phaseolus coccineus) over a large A frame covering the entire length of one of our raised boxes.

We are trying a different approach by planting into toilet rolls. Following this method we will be able to plant the runner bean and the toilet roll into the raised bed outside in one go. Thus making the young runner beans easier to handle and the toilet rolls will slowly disintegrate into the soil.

First we prepared the multi purpose compost carefully breaking down any lumps in are hands. 

We then placed the toilet rolls in small pots to hold them steady and filled them just over half way with compost.

We sowed one seed per toilet roll approx 5cm deep and covered to the top with compost.

Finally, we watered well placing them in a water bath to absorb the water and placed them in warm spot in the conservatory.

Also, the Little Gem Lettuces, Kale and Spinach seedlings we pricked out are doing well and will be planted out soon...

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