Thursday, 20 April 2017

Planting Out Brassicas

This week we planted out Dwarf Kale, Purple Kale and Spinach that we grew from seed.

First we added lime approx two weeks ago to balance the pH of the soil as we had previously added a lot of organic matter. we then covered the bed with a cloche to help warm the soil.

Next we weeded again! gently hoeing the weeds of the top, and removing any perennials by hand.

We planted the Dwarf Kale and Spinach into blocks 30cm rows 15cm apart. We used bamboo canes cut to lengths as spacers. 

Digging a planting pocket and filling with water. 

Adding organic fertilizer.

And gently firming in the plants.

Finally, we added a couple of Borage plants that we have grown to attract the bees, and gave them a good watering and placed the Cloche back.

Good News I have met the WESC bees and they are friendly! They will be joining us soon...

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