Thursday, 9 March 2017

Sowing Seed in Coir Discs

This week at WESC we tried sowing seeds into compressed coir discs. 

The benefit of using a Coir Discs is that we wont have to prick out the seedlings (A technique of moving seedlings from where they germinated into pots). Once the seedlings are three to four leaves we will be able to plant them straight out in the vegetable beds.

Before you can plant the seed in the disc you have to leave the discs to re-hydrate in a water bath, they will expand to three times there original size.

While the coir discs were soaking we planted some Leek Seeds into plug trays two at a time.

We used a combination of seed compost and perlite and practiced striking off with a board.

Also this week we had a very productive day with Exeter College students who have been helping to develop the Gardening area at WESC, pictures to follow ...

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