Thursday, 16 February 2017

Raised Beds at WESC

Before preparing the new site for the raised beds, we sourced some old scaffold planks and built three different height boxes to enable different levels of accessibility.

We measured out the new site for the beds using a linear measuring method, and marked it with flour.

Then we cut and lifted the turf using a lawn edger and a turfing iron. We reused the turf to patch the area where the old beds were and took the opportunity to naturalise some more Daffodils (Narcissus Dutch Masters) underneath the turf.

The next stage was to clear and level the area, edge with batons and then put down landscape fabric.

We then placed the beds and started to cover the landscape fabric with bark chippings sourced from site.

Once all three beds were in place we lined them with more landscape fabric, to protect the timber and reduce the soil leaching.

The next stage was to prepare the soil we decided to use the lasagne method… 

More to follow.

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